Evolution and the Microbiome

How are we evolving? What parts are changing? What is the unit of evolution, our bodies, our microbiome,  our communities? How does selection and sex affect our choices? Are microbes controlling our choices? How does consciousness evolve? Is online dating accelerating selection?

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Seemingly Useless Science

Without asking research questions for no apparent gain, how can we move society forward past our current ability to imagine what’s possible?

The closer we look at non human behavior, the more universal similarities emerge.

Examples of papers: spider silk studies, communication between trees, Insects using tools, plankton reproduction, Insect displays of happiness, Unexpected intelligence in ant colonies

Most of these papers end up hinting at potential real world applications. (Another great way to find some of these gems is to look at old research from the 70’s…. 🙂

Currency and Trade

How do different groups and organisms control each other? What are alternatives to money? Do we need authority figures or centralized institutions? How do ant communities maintain order? How does altruism in bee hives function?

Automation and Labor

What parts of of humanity are we automating? How is AI emancipating humans? Does automation increase happiness? Can bots care for the elderly?

The topic is meant to be very broad. I’m aware that many of you are actually working/investing in this field, if this is the case try to reach to outer limits or in opposite direction of your expertise.

What is appropriate turing test? NO hype no theory. Find the real story

How have previous societies previously dealt with automation?