The Magic of Whiskey Papers

Whiskey Papers is a monthly invite-only salon in San Francisco.

 If you are reading this, you may have received an invite. Before considering attending, keep in mind that the magic of Whiskey Papers must be preserved at all costs.

There is a set of hosting rules that create a reproducible, intoxicating space where new visions are birthed. We enable the whimsical desires of the curious to reign around a designated topic, somewhere at the crossroads between science, art, and tech. The magic is amplified when we reach a flow zone as a group. This salon is structured to get us into this zone as a group over the course of one evening together. Our fine-tuned method is the key.
Although you were probably invited because you are doing amazing things in life, those amazing bits of your profile are not welcome. Immediate gain is the enemy of this magical space. Trust us. We will guide you.


All attendees must participate in the ceremony.
  • The ceremony consists of 5 minute presentations by all attendees, loosely related to our topic of the night, based on primary literature.*


  • The magic isn’t in finding the perfect paper that’s right about everything, but one full of mistakes.

…detailed guide to preparing for the event

The Magic sauce (rules):
  • Networking is forbidden until after the closing Whiskey Papers ceremony.
  • Aliases are mandatory for the duration of the ceremony. The master of ceremonies will assign you one if you haven’t chosen one.
  • Presenting about your startup, personal project, life changing moment or investment thesis is forbidden.
  • You may not be the author of the paper you present.
  • Don’t stress about becoming an expert in the new topic.
  • Books are not allowed. Instead, pick from referenced primary literature in the book you happen to like.
  • Review papers are difficult to manage in 5 minutes and are not recommended.
  • You can only suggest a +1 if you have attended an event and the guest is approved by the master of ceremony.

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