Whiskey Papers season 3, event November 18th at 6pm

If you have been selected for this specific event, the reason for your invitation may or may not become clear by the end of the night. See details bellow and attendance guidelines.



“Seemingly useless science”
Without asking research questions for no apparent gain, how can we move society forward past our current ability to imagine what’s possible?
The closer we look at non human behavior, the more universal similarities emerge.
Examples of papers: spider silk studies, communication between trees, insects using tools, plankton reproduction, unexpected intelligence in ant colonies
Most of these papers end up hinting at potential real world applications. A great way to find some of these gems is to look at old research from the 70’s….


18:00 Arrival and appetizers
18:30 Roundtable begins of presentations begins
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Chocolate and closing whiskey shot.
21:00 Art and networking


The event usually lasts 2-3 hours.
If you can’t attend but have a great paper for the group, please send it along!
The event is capped at 14, waitlist at 20.
This season will be 7-8 whiskey paper events, concluding in a retreat for a select group of attendees.


Someone very important to me (and to marine mammals worldwide) once said “There are two kinds of primary literature, one that you should read with coffee and the other that should be read with Whiskey.” This event is clearly dedicated to the later.
Natacha Merritt
*I define primary literature as an attempt or success to test a hypothesis by getting out in the world and measuring things. These usually have an experimental design with lots to poke holes in. It’s fun for artists to help in this design process.

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